Friday, 30 August 2013

The "Gangster" That Sat Next To Me

While I was taking for a bus that went straight from Malacca to Tampin this evening, immediately I saw an empty seat and sat on it........

The bus was very crowded right after I sat on the seat except for the seat next to me.

Not long after that I saw a young man came entered the bus and sat next to me. His skin is quite dark . Average in height. Probably younger than me by age. His hair is almost bold, number 3 if I am not mistaken. Wearing a dark glasses and a dark sweater . Fierce face looking at me and there's a scar in his forehead. Maybe because of an accident or probably because of a fight. In one glance you can see that he is like a street gangster trying to find an easy pray for him to have his dinner and this type of man is the man I hate the most and the man I wish I can avoid having an argument or fighting forever.

When he sat next to me, a lot of things had played on my minds. What is he doing here? From where did he come from? What is he going to do? Does he searching for a fight? 

As I was ready for whatever the things that might happen, suddenly there was an old woman and her grandson came searching for a seat near us. That old woman look very old and fragile. The way she walked was very weak and she was shivering.

Soon after we saw the old woman searching for a seat, the "gangster" that sat next to me immediately looked at me and rose from his seat and that was the time when I was ready for any actions he is might do. But instead, the "gangster" walked towards the old woman and with a sweet smile he offered the old woman a seat. He was not searching for a fight, but he was just trying to help!! His noble action had embarrassed me for having such a perception toward him. The "gangster" that sat next to me is not a gangster at all but he is just an ordinary and kind person trying to find a place where everyone can accept him for who he is.

This incident had taught me a very valuable lesson that is "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER AND NEVER JUDGE A PERSON BY HIS APPEARANCE". The meanest look of all does not always mean to other people and the kindest look of all does not always kind to other people. That's all from my experience. Thank you.


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Thanks :)

senpai said...

perghh..mula2 seram je...last2 cool and polite...nway good experience kudri :D

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madam, jangan main main!